Big in Small

Every year we organise an event called Big in Small (Big name in a small venue), a project addressing appealing to the following objective:
"Could you be given the chance to listen to and meet at close awe known artists of international fame in a small bar without having paid entrance fee and gone through face control, enjoing your favorite cocktail and spirit?"

Up till now we have successfuly carried out the project: In 2012 with Kid Loco, in 2013 with Timo Mass and in 2014 with kate Simko, Camea and Rampue.


ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ 12/10: KALIPO + Residents

FRI 19/02: WHITE LIES + Takis Apostolou 

FRI 06/05 DICKY TRISCO + Professional Crap Dancers.

FRI 09/09 SOFT ROCKS  + Professional Crap Dancers.




FRI  26/06 : JOEY NEGRO + Eggs & Bacon
SUT 27/06 : KAASI + Pene 
SUN 28/06 : BAD SPENCER (Yes It Does) + Marsha 




FRI 11/09 : RAY MANG


SAT 03/10 : RAMPUE + Marsha